Sunday, May 30, 2010

Its Bar Exam time again!!!

Twice a year the Bar Exam is given, Jan and July. Newly minted Law Clerks take it and either fail or pass. No middle ground here. The thing you need to understand is that most people keep plugging away at Bar Exam until they finally pass it. Mostly, it’s a hazing ritual. People who pass the Bar exam are clueless on how the practice law. This disassociation has always bothered me. Further, it has always bothered me that you can know the correct answer to the base question asked; yet still get the question wrong. Why? Because, one of the answers is more correct than the others!

In the movie “Catch Me If You Can,” the main character was a man who was know as the great imposter. He took and passed the La Bar Exam. When the FBI finally caught him, the agents all asked the same question, “how did you cheat on the La Bar Exam?” The main character neither went to Law School nor finished high school. The FBI agent never asked him how he successfully impersonated a pilot, a physician, or a bank executive. They were all concerned how he cheated. He finally told an agent that he could not find a way to cheat on the Bar Exam. What he did and said was he, “studied his ass off!!”

People, there are Exam Takers who never went to Law School and are taking and passing this Exam on Office/Chamber Study. There is even Correspondence Law School people taking and passing this exam. Goto Barbri, Pieper, or Micromash etc… get the books and do the practice problems. Drill. Drill. Drill. Definitely take PMBR; it’s worth it in my opinion. You will eventually pass. Then, there is the real world/ unemployment and the constant debate of whether NY or Calif has the harder Bar Exam.

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