Saturday, July 4, 2009

Airline Fees

I found this poster at It's great to see those hidden airline fees.

Recession Gets Worse

If you haven't had your hours cut, then congrats! Else, welcome to the new trend of cutting hours to the point that you have to quit to survive. Like you, I pay unemployment insurance, but unless I am laid off I can't use it. Cutting hours is a quick way for employers to get rid of employees without paying unemployment in most states. I my state you can get cut back beyond 20 hours for three weeks before unemployment cuts in.

It' s Coming in October

The LAnd of the Lost movie is Coming. Set the date!

Exercise and Goals

I had a big argument with someone over the amount of time I spend working out. First, It’s my time to spend and not theirs. Second, It’s my money and not theirs. As long as I get done what needs done; it’s none of their business. It is true that I am more into exercise beyond the health level. Though, I am not an athlete, but I am trying to go for a high lean muscle mass (BMI).
That goal takes time! I do honestly believe that the better you look, the easier life is for you. This has been proven to me time and again. As far as I am concerned, “Image is everything” is of the ranking equivalent to the Law of Gravity. Understand, I was far from a member of the “sport” cast in high school. I, as they say, showed up for gym and got my “C.” It has been a hard road to where I am now.
One thing I do like about exercise is that I can see results, for example: Everyone reading this has been on a job search. You probably sent out hundreds of resumes and applications. The problem is that you may have zero to show for it at the end of the day. It happens. But with exercise; it’s different. If I run a mile or do a hundred press-ups, then I expect and see a results. Dump effort in and results are a guaranteed yield. How many things have that promise! Just follow the SMART formula and you can set goals and see progress:
A) Specific: Be specific what you want to accomplish. I want to fit into X dress for the Christmas party.
B) Measurable: I want to lose X inches, nothing amorphous.
C) Action Oriented: I must exercise 4x a week for 12 weeks to achieve goal X.
D) Realistic: I can’t lose 40 pounds in a month, but 10 pounds weight loss is realistic.
E) Timed: I have 12 weeks to accomplish what I set out to do. I have to hit X benchmark by week six to be progressing.